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Today in Northern Ireland our local farming industry produces a significant amount of surplus slurries and manures. These slurries and manures are valuable sources of nutrients to our predominantly grassland based farming activities. Over spreading of these manure and slurries onto land has started to have a negative effect on our soils and waterways. Manure BioEnergy Systems has seen an opportunity to look closer at recovering the nutrients from these slurries and manures and re-distribute the recovered nutrients in a more environmentally sustainable manner.


10/12/12 - O’Neill and Foster launch SBRI Competition to encourage the development of sustainable technologies for the utilisation of poultry litter.

The broiler poultry sector in Northern Ireland is a significant part of the local economy, sustaining on-farm employment for over 1400 people, with a further 4600 people employed in processing, and generating over 14% of the gross output of the local agriculture sector.

However, the industry also produces a significant by-product - around 260ktpa (thousand tonnes per annum) of poultry litter (spent bedding material and manure generated by indoor rearing of birds). Given the scope for further industry expansion, this could rise to 400ktpa within 5-10 years (based on a 50% expansion of current capacity).

Traditionally, the poultry industry in Northern Ireland has relied on the spreading of poultry litter on agricultural land as its primary method for management of poultry litter. Application of manures, including poultry litter, to land over many years has exceeded agronomic need and resulted in phosphorus surpluses in a significant proportion of local agricultural soils. Such practices are no longer sustainable if the risk of phosphorus loss via run-off to water courses is to be managed effectively. This is particularly the case for poultry litter which has a relatively high phosphorus content. Phosphorus, in the form of phosphates, contributes to nutrient enrichment of streams, rivers and lakes (eutrophication) which is an important water quality issue for Northern Ireland.

19/02/13 - Manure BioEnergy Systems submits application to obtain Phase 1 funding under the SBRI Competition entitled, ‘Sustainable utilisation of Poultry Litter’.

15/05/13 - Manure Bioenergy Systems begins Phase 1 proof of concept program after successfully receiving funding under the SBRI Competition.

Our Solution

The proposed process combines anaerobic digestion (AD) at its core, using highly optimised and acclimatised bacteria and a sophisticated digester control strategy that allows operation at high ammonia limits. It will have a back end separation system to produce mineral and organic fertilisers. Phase 1 will provide the key process data to be able to design the anaerobic digester core and control system and prove the process security.

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